Summer and short stays

Prices until 1th september 2019


Single rooms PRICES (*)
Single room 33,25 €/night
Single room and breakfast 36,40 €/night
Single room and breakfast exchange programs (**) 23,80 €/night
Half board 42,05 €/night
Full board 47,70 €/night
Full board exchange programs (**) 35,10 €/night 


(**) Offer valid for guests and exchange programs during the first 15 days of stay. Check special prices for UIB.

There is the possibility of adding beds and/or a bunk bed for a second person. In this case, the price of the rooms is as follows:


Single room with bunk (per person) PRICES (*)
Room 25,00 €/night
Room and breakfast 28,15 €/night
Half board 33,80 €/night
Full board 39,45 €/night


Double room for single use PRICES (*)
Room 41,10 €/night
Room and breakfast 44,25 €/night
Half board  49,90 €/night
Full board 55,55 €/night


Double room (per room) PRICES (*)
Room 66,60 €/night
Room and breakfast 72,90 €/night
Half board 84,20 €/night
Full board 95,50 €/night


Check in must occur after 12 am and departure before 12 pm.

(*)  10% VAT included

Possibility of discounts for groups.